Steve’s Blog – Stand Up Paddle Resources

I’ve found a few websites to look at for those of you who are looking to do a little research into stand up paddle.  If you’re wondering what the sport is, how long of a paddle you need, how to paddle correctly, or how to do (relatively) snappy turns on your board, these websites have tons of great information and more. This list is far from definitive, just a few sites that I’ve found full of useful content. 

How to Stand Up Paddle Surf
A Waterman’s Journal
Stand Up Paddle Surfing
Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine
Laird Hamilton

How to Stand Up Paddle Surf– This SUP blog has practical advice for choosing and customizing your equipment and of pearls of wisdom for stepping up your stand up surfing game.

A Waterman’s Journal– Dave Kalama’s website is dedicated to the sport of stand up paddle surfing.  Dave Kalama is the co-inventor of tow-in surfing and a respected Hawaiian waterman.  He offers great tips on proper paddling technique and advanced stand up surfing skills.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing– These guys are SUP fiends out of San Diego, California.  This is an excellent resource for videos of skilled SUP surfing in all sorts of conditions.  They’ve also documented their surf trips on video, right up there with our SUP River Trip!

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine– Self explanatory.  Good articles and lots of boards and equipment to look at.

Laird Hamilton– A name synonymous with SUP.  This site has instructional videos and footage of Laird’s surf sessions.  Be warned, he makes everything look way too easy.