Steve’s Blog – Wuzhishan: Jungle and Pea Soup Fog

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s hike up Wuzhishan/Five Finger Mountain.  Tie Zhuang charged fastest up and down the mountain in his flip flops, carrying only a satchel with a tiny water bottle and a pack of cigarettes inside.  I bumped my head when I pushed off of a foothole without seeing the broken tree limb directly above my head.  Superficial wound and broken sunglasses, no need to turn around.  Jack huffed and puffed up the mountain whereas Nick made it by drinking lots of water and taking his time.  We hiked from the jungle floor through changing landscapes.  The mountain morphed from jungle to bamboo groves to highland rainforest and finally we found ourselves at the peak, where we were out in the elements again but shielded from the sun by cool fog that looked like smoke in the wind.  We sat and had some lunch up there then charged back through the jungle and back home to Sanya.




The scenery goes from tropical rainforest to Lord of the Rings as you climb higher in elevation.  我们爬上的时候能看到环境改变。


I think you can see a little red on my scalp, there.  我的头上有一点点血。


Ha! Made it.  成功了!


Pack horse (mule?) taking some stones through the jungle for a new paved trail.  一只马带着石头上山为了做一个新的线索。


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