SUP Diary – Day 11 浆板日记-第十一天

It’s been a tiring few days here. After taking Tuesday off to rest, I did a short 1 km paddle yesterday (super windy conditions), and then went out for a run at night. Got to Yingbin Lu and turned right in the direction of Tiandu for another kilometer or so before heading back to Dadonghai. A 16km/10m run that took me one hour and forty minutes. It definitely took it out of me, but I was happy to have worked up to a ten-miler three weeks after starting to run regularly.

My paddle yesterday mid-day was cut short when the winds got choppy as hell. Strong ESE that got stronger while i was out there, until the chop was getting big enough to almost knock me off a couple of times. I wrap my ipod in a plastic bag and put it in my shorts pocket when I head out paddling. It might survive a quick fall in the water, but probably not. So when it started getting messy, I decided to come in, lest the ipod drown at sea.

Listening to music is quite essential for my exercise. I quite literally cannot run without it, because I cannot motivate to get going. For running, I prefer to listen to fast rock, punk, and drum and bass. Nothing below 150 beats per minute will suffice. When I hit mini-walls, I switch to a really fast punk song. Usually Bad Religion. But I have discovered that the same playlist doesn’t work for SUP. The body is in a completely different rhythm. My ear is quite different when running than SUP. When running I don’t really want to concentrate on listening. I just want a fast and loud song that has proven itself many times previous of being able to get me going harder. But while paddling, you are slowed down and can really appreciate the music. I listened to The Clash on shuffle for yesterday’s paddle. And now, before I go out for tonight’s paddle, I am putting together a SUP playlist. Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie is number one.

Below is my run route from the other night, and then some pictures from our game of SUP Frisbee.



在运动时我喜欢听音乐,特别是我跑步时不能没有音乐,没有音乐我就没法跑起来。跑步时我喜欢节奏较快的摇滚,朋克和鼓打贝斯音乐,每分钟不低于150下敲击的音乐都可以。当我短距离跑步时我会选择很快节奏的朋克乐,像Bad Religion乐队的音乐。但是我发现同样的音乐却不适合我划桨板,划桨板时身体与跑步时处于完全不同的两种节奏。在划桨板和跑步时我所需要的音乐也不一样。当跑步时我不会去集中精力听歌唱的是什么,我只是需要快节奏和大声的音乐来激发我跑的更久。划桨板时就不同了,速度慢了下来,你可以很清楚的听到歌唱的什么内容。我昨天划桨板时听的是Clash乐队的歌。此时此刻在我马上要去划桨板之前,我整理了一个播放列表,皇后乐队和大卫.鲍伊合唱的Under Pressure就是第一首!