SUP Diary – Day 22 浆板日记-第22天

I did myBrick Monday last night, with a 6 km paddle followed by a 6.4 km run.  The east winds were almost unbearable, asking myself with every agonizing stroke of the paddle ‘What the hell am I doing this for’? The benefit is of course that a paddle against a strong wind makes it an even better workout. But being pushed against by the wind really makes me angry. There is no recourse. You can curse the wind, and swing at it with your paddle, but it’s not going to do any good. Just crouch low, paddle hard, and keep your eyes on the buoy ahead in the distance. The paddle back to Dadonghai took about half the time with the wind pushing me back to Dadonghai.

I got back to the shop and put my socks and running shoes on. Ran out to the library and back. A shorter run than last week’s brick, but it was one of the easier runs I’ve had in recent memory. Completely automatic, and over before I realized it.

Totals for Week Three as follows. Quite a drop from Week Two, but that week I overdid it anyway. No need to be doing as much running, as I’m not training for a marathon. Need to stick with three SUPs and two runs a week, although I shouldn’t worry if I substitute a surf session for one of the workouts.

Check out my left hand. Getting some blisters from all the paddling. Although I finally found my bicycling gloves just a few minutes ago. They should offer some protection to let the blisters heal.