SUP Diary – Day 42 浆板日记

I just got back from my SUP paddle and run on this Brick Monday. Again, another busy week (and a bit of partying with the Skull Candy crew, to be fair)  meant I didn’t get any paddling or running in except today.

We are getting excited for the biathlon on May 15th. While we would love to hold it at our local Dadonghai Beach, it would be too crowded for the run portion. So we will hold the event in Sanya Bay. We are currently designing the course, and it will be available shortly.


Can’t wait!

Week Six Totals

As we wrote about in our Surf Report from Friday, we had a visit from the Shenzhen office of Skull Candy. Tom Bishop, the Director of Asian Operations is an old friend, having surfed with us before in 2009. A smart guy, he introduced me to the thought puzzle of Schrödinger’s cat on the bus ride back from Riyuewan on Saturday, and talked about our various exercise regimes. I was singing the praises of the SUP, while he was telling me about this super intense internet-based workout community, where members do a different workout everyday.

It was great to be able to get so many first-timers into the water for their surf lessons. And they were even nice enough to hook us up with headphones and some clothing for our instructors.

Tom in 2009

Tom on Friday

The stoke of the first wave

Hang on!