SUP Diary – Day One 浆板日记 – 第一天

Here we go again, the second annual Stand Up Paddleboard Diary. Last year I set out to do three distance paddles a week for three months. For fitness, for fun, and because going for a paddle out to the deep ocean is a great time for reflection, giving me something to write about when I got back and did my entry for the day. To be honest, I didn’t make it the full three months, too easily distracted when the south summer swells came in, and Dadonghai went from a flat ocean great for distance paddling, to a surf spot.
But I’m starting a month earlier this year, and thus should have no excuse not to finish up the three months.

For this year’s period, I will also throw some runs into the equation for good measure. I didn’t run at all last year during the SUP period, as I had just come out of a half-ironman triathlon, and after all the training for that, didn’t want to swim, bike, or run, for quite a while. But running has been my favorite exercise (besides surfing, although I believe surfing is too much fun to really be considered exercise). It’s much easier for me to motivate to go for a run than to go for a bike ride, a swim, or even a distance SUP paddle.

I to the 10’2 Blair our for a paddle today in the afternoon for a short (but respectable) 40 minute paddle. And after starting up running again two weeks ago after a long hiatus, I have worked up to a nine mile run, which I did yesterday. While I enjoy writing about my musings out on the open sea, half the reason of doing this is to make sure I actually do it. I said I will do it, I’m publishing it, and so now I have to keep to it. Like when my dad told all his coworkers on a Friday that he was going skydiving for the first time that weekend. He had to keep his word. So here we go. Three distance paddles, and one to two runs a week, for three months.