SUP Diary – Day Two 浆板日记 – 第二天

No paddle today, as I was pathetically sore from yesterday’s short excursion. Went for a run instead, from the shop down to the Sanya Library, on the corner of Fenghuang Lu and Xinfeng Jie. Four miles or so. I lucked out and got a green light upon reaching Yuya Lu, the only main road I cross during the run, on the way both out and back. When you get stuck on a red light during a run, you have two options – stand still, or run in place. I don’t like to stand still as it throws off my running rhythym, but I’m sure I look like a tosser when I run in place. Everyone else I’ve seen doing so has indeed looked that way, so no reason to assume that I am exceptional. Running in place on a street corner is a bit like bowling. Nobody looks cool doing it.

I have an airport pick up to do tomorrow and will then be up the coast for the night, so I need to get a paddle in early tomorrow.

I have a companion with me, who will stay for a week. Matt and Darci are out of town, so I will be watching Hainan’s favorite overweight Datschund, Gou Rou. Here’s a picture of the bundle of joy paddling with Darci, and one from Matt and Darci’s wedding last year, complete with a black tie. He may be the fattest dog I’ve ever seen, but he’s no slouch.



I我近来多了一个伴,Matt 和Darci都不在家,所以我来帮他们照看一条超重的腊肠狗,狗肉。下面是一张它和Darci一起划浆板的照片,另外一张是Matt 和Darci去年结婚的婚礼上的,它还戴着黑色的领结。狗肉应该是我见过最肥的狗了,但是它很精神。


And apologies, as I’m pretty sure the anecdote I used in my last post, about how my dad made sure he wouldn’t back out of his commitment to go skydiving, I had already used in last year’s SUP Diary. Unfortunately those entries were lost in the Great Server Switch Fiasco of 2010, so we’ll never be sure.

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