Darci’s Blog – Here at Surfing Hainan 刘丹的博客 - 我加入冲浪海南了

最近几天都没有写博,因为太多的工作要做没时间写。 这个星期是三亚本地冲浪人高兴的日子,从东北方来了很好的浪,星期三我们在日月湾冲浪,浪很非常好。



Recently haven’t write anything on Blog, Because have a lots of work have to do.This week might be is happiest time for the Local surfer, Really  good swell coming from north-east,We all surf at in Riyue this Wednesday,Me and Julieta had some really good waves.

I’m really Happy to be part of Surfing Hainan,finally find out which way i’m going to .find out actually doing what can make my self happy,can be proud of my job,I like work with  every person of the surfing Hainan, enjoy the time with them. I konw this is the happiest work experience in my life.I be willing to with Brendan to develop the surf culture  in Hainan China. Jia you Surfing Hainan (Let’s go surfing Hainan) .!!!!!!

Below  are  some Pic from last week and this week in  of  us.


From last week , group of us camped in Riyue. 来自上礼拜我们去日月湾露营的照片


Our frend in Riyue (pic from last week)我们在日月湾的朋友(照片来自上礼拜)


The biggest mosquito i have ever  killed(pic from last week in Riyue).我杀过最大的文字(上星期在日月湾的照片)


Surfing Hainan’s Super Model(Pic from this week)冲浪海南的超模(这礼拜的照片)


Birthday Boys 两个寿星


Our very first  business trip to Wanning我们第一个商务出差在万宁


Brendan with Wanning government official小龙与万宁市副市长