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I came back to my hometown Xi’an (central China) on 20th january. It is cold here ,and I have got a cold,but I am glad that Xi’an is not too poluted like the other big cities in China. It has about 5 days blue sky  in a week. Recently,my girlfriend “Cake” came ,and started the interesting life with my family. We will celebrate Chinese new year (spring festival春节) with family ,and we will get red packages (“ya sui qian” old people give the red package filled with money to young people to celebrate the pass of old year) .I am gonna be rich again! hehe. We will visit the old city ,and update the photos here 🙂

we visited big goose pagoda 我们参观大雁塔

Top view from pagoda 这是雁塔广场的背面,大唐不夜城一条街

Driving through the gate of old city 古城的感觉

GIRLS 小美女和大美女

I will write a new blog to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

下一篇文章我会给大家拜年! :)