Today is the day!

Yesterday,i went to surf around 5 pm.It was not bad,waist high waves .i could use TUO DE’s ozzy wrong board to make floaters and cut backs on the small waves.It was pretty fun,and i do feel that i got much better recently!Great!

No waves left today. Life turned back to be normal again. This morning ,i recorded a new DJ set at home.Since my last Minimal Techno set on i haven’t done any music for a long time(even no tracks finished recently).I should work on my music a little bit now.

Today is a big day,because the recult of my IELTS examnation is coming out .I checked it at surf shop.and luckly i passed it with 6.5 points in total and the highest score is listening (8 points) so,i would make it to the UK next year for my master degree!You know why my English is so good? because i hang out at surfing hainan shop a lot! so,become a surfer if you want to speak good English!  🙂

my new VLOG is coming ….


今天没有浪了生活又回到了平静。早上起来我了一个DJ SET很久都没有做任何音应该再把多点时间都放在音上。另一件大事就是今天我的雅思成出来了。我最高的一门是听力8平均分 6.5成功通了英国大学研究生取的分数要求太高你知道什么我的英可以么好么我天天都在冲浪海南俱部玩所以想学好英 部成一个SURFER浪人吧