Typhoon waves lesson at Hou Hai Bay – 台风浪的课在后海湾.

August 26th – 8 26

Last Monday 23rd we went for another surf trip to Hou Hai looking for some nice waves… Two vans, eleven students (five wild French girls, three Chinese, two Germans and Niels from Holland) and the instructors (French Christophe, Chinese Moyu and Argentinian me). Very interesting international surf trip!

23 日我们再去了到后海冲浪。我们是十一个学生五个疯狂法国女人、三个中国人、两个德国人、一个荷兰人和教练们 法国的Christophe、中国的黄莫雨和阿根廷的我),很有意思的国际冲浪旅行

I love the way into the east coast. Look at these pictures, you can have a little taste of it:


This is what we surprisingly found when we arrived there, Typhoon waves!!!


Despite the unexpected madness of the sea our wild and brave students didn’t hesitate at all and they all had great fun in the water. Have a look:

尽管疯狂的大海,我们勇敢的学生还是取出海冲浪完了! 看一下:

Some of them needed a rest on the beach after drinking so much salty water.

海水喝得很多以后,Bjorn Mumme 在海滩休息

Others rested on the way back…