Darci’s Blog -Yoga for surfing 刘丹的博客-冲浪瑜伽




Yoga has a strong connection with surfing. Yoga helps you surf better, and to live better. You can surf with more energy and endurance, and protect yourself against aches and pains.

Yoga for Surfers is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel or executing a perfect pose. You don’t need go to a gym. Just buy a good yoga DVD you can learn and practice at home. You can pause, rewind and go at your own pace, focusing on those stretches that you like and need the most.

Yoga helps surfers improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. At the same time, it helps you develop focus and concentration, and helps you stay calm and relaxed. After persistent practice, you will find yourself very calm and confident in the ocean. You’ll be able to take wipeouts much more easily (one of my specialties!). As surfers, we thrive on the energy of the ocean, and yoga, like surfing, helps you deepen your connection to nature.

See my pictures below of doing yoga in Dadonghai!