October 2011

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October 27th, 2011年10月27日

Nice chest-high waves coming through now up in Riyuewan. Darci lost her heat yesterday to the defending world champion Jennifer Smith from the US, but is still stoked to have been in the competition been in the competition. Darci in her heat yesterday Darci getting mobbed by reporters post-heat   Defending world champion Jennifer Smith  

Julieta’s Blog – Surfari in Hainan (Part 3) – 冲浪的冲沙在海南 (第三部分)

…and the surf time arrived. 。。。所以冲浪的时间来了。 Jan from Gernany  – 德国的Jan We all were so excited, all those kilometers and hours of searching haven’t been in vain. 我们都太激动了,所有这些公里小时没有白费。 TZ – 铁桩 Unfortunately the police wasn’t very happy to see a bunch of odd people playing in the open sea while waiting for a typhoon to Read the full article…

October 22nd, 2011年10月22日

A really good day up in Riuewan yesterday. Here are some shots. Smaller waves today, and then we have a lull until Wednesday. Still looking good for the competition dates, with Wednesday through Friday being the best three days. 昨天在日月湾很棒,这里有一些照面,今天浪小一些,直到星期三才会再有,看起来比赛时还可以,从星期三到星期四会是最好的几天 Mikey Darci Liu

Julieta’s Blog – Surfari in Hainan (Part 2) – 冲浪的冲沙在海南 (第二部分)

We drove to remote areas, where we found broad beach breaks and empty point breaks. 我们开车过到一些边远地区,广沙滩和主穴浪,都没有人的地方。 Sadly many 5 stars resorts and ugly holiday tall buildings were under construction there. The amount of speculation in this Island is frightening and unsustainable. 可悲的是许多5星度假酒店和丑陋的假期高楼大厦正在建设中随处可见。 炒作在这个小岛上是可怕的和不可持续的。 We entered in one of those hotels and checked which waves they Read the full article…

October 15th, 2011年10月15日

It’s been pretty quiet recently for waves, but we have a decent NE swell coming over the next few days. We are heading up to Riyuewan tomorrow with some customers. Should be warm belly-high surf. Screen shots from Magic Seaweed below. 最近浪比较小,但这下来的四天有不错的浪。我们明天带客人去日月湾冲浪。 2011/10/16 2011/10/17 2011/10/18 2011/10/19      

Shooting the Bridge 桥洞冲浪穿越 (尤酷)

Also on youtube 2011年6月7日 大东海桥洞冲浪穿越 Shooting the bridge in Dadonghai July of 2011 Surfers 冲浪者- Darci Liu 刘丹, Julieta Hepner 朱丽叶, Jose Espinoza 黑龙, Nate Mettler 内森,  Tie Zhuang 铁桩,Brendan Sheridan 小龙, Matt Hammond and Steven Gong