June 17th 2011年06月17日: Report and Week Forecast – 报告与周预报

Some small lines today at Dadonghai that during the full moon low tide would eventually build up to knee high waves this evening. If so we might go for a full moon surf tonight; everyone is welcome to join! Apart from that It might be pretty flat for the rest of the weekend. So I would recommend to come for an SUP session to keep yourselves fit for the next weekend’s 1m swell.

在大东海有点小浪。 在晚上满月的时候退潮了最终浪到膝高。 如果是这样,今晚我们可能会去在满月下冲浪, 欢迎每个人加入。 这个周末可能会没有浪。但是因为下周末1米高的浪可能会来,我建议你们来玩桨板和锻炼。

06.17 Flat fisherman

Today’s fishing time at Dadonghai – 今天的钓鱼时间在大东海。

Friday 24th June swell forecast map – 6月24日的预报地图