Riyue Bay Surf Club 日月湾冲浪俱乐部


The Riyue Bay Surf Club, located on tropical Hainan’s south east coast, is a must-visit for surfers and non surfers alike. Conveniently located in China’s Surf Capital with a variety of breaks within walking distance, Riyue Bay is the perfect place for surfers of all levels. From experienced surfers who need to rent a surfboard, to beginners who would like to join our surf lessons, we can accommodate all needs.  Travelers of all types can enjoy the long stretch of empty golden beach and luscious mountainside, which make it arguably the best beach in all of China. With budget accommodation, convenient food options, and Hainan’s best selection of imported beer, we can take care of all your needs so you can enjoy your holiday.

日月湾冲浪俱乐部坐落于海南岛的东南方,在中国冲浪之都万宁,交通、住宿等等都非常便利,是冲浪爱好者必到并深受大家喜爱的地方,日月湾对多个级别的冲浪爱好者来说都是个完美的浪点,从只需要来这租块冲浪板下海的较有经验的冲浪爱好者到来参加我们冲浪课程的初学者都非常适宜 。来这里的各种游客都能享受我们美丽的沙滩和欣赏周边青山秀水,我们有中国最好的沙滩、温馨的住宿条件、美食,还有海南最好的进口啤酒,在日月湾冲浪俱乐部里我们都会尽最大努力去满足你们的需求,为你们能享受完美假期提供最大帮助。