Getting to Riyue Bay 到达日月湾

Map of Riyue Bay in Hainan Island

Map of Riyue Bay in Hainan Island

Here are directions for getting to Riyue Bay with the different modes of transportation available. While taking a bus is the cheapest, it can be time consuming and complicated, especially for those guests who don’t speak Chinese. We recommend getting a taxi, or train and then taxi.


Driving   自驾

Riyuewan is on the Eastern Expressway, 120 km north of Sanya and 240 km south of Haikou, in between the Niuling exit to the south and the ShimeiBay/Xinglong exit to the north. After taking the exit, continue along the road, which will curve left along the beach. The Surf Club is 800 meters down the road.



Taxi    出租车
A taxi to Riyue Bay from Sanya should cost 250-300CNY, and takes 1.25 hours. From Haikou, it should cost about 300-350CNY, and take 2 hours.Use the driving directions above to show to the driver.



High Speed Train    乘高铁
Take the train to Wanning station  and then take a taxi for 80 CNY to Riyue Bay. From Sanya, the train will cost ¥35 and take half an hour. From Haikou the train will cost ¥60 and take an hour.

从海口或三亚乘高铁到日月湾动车站(海口—万宁60元,大约1小时,三亚—万宁 35元,大约半小时),出站后再乘出租车到日月湾(80元左右)。


Bus     乘巴士
Riyue Bay can be accessed by local bus from both Haikou and Sanya. Tell the ticket agent you want to go to Riyue Bay .The driver will let you off at the expressway exit, and then walk 800m down the road the surf club. From Sanya, it will cost about ¥40 and take two hours. From Haikou, it will cost about ¥60 and take three hours.

There is also a bus which runs from Wanning to Riyue Bay, this costs ¥12 and stops close to the hostel and hotel, taking approximately 1 hour. However, it will be very difficult for those who can’t speak and read a little Chinese to take this bus.







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