SUP Diary – Day 27 浆板日记-第27天

I did a nighttime paddle this evening, back and forth in Dadonghai. My friend Bryce was having a bonfire on the far east end of Dadonghai with a few of his mates in from Shanghai. So after going back and forth twice, I beached at their bonfire and had a few beers with the boys and girls before getting back into the water, paddling over to the middle of DDH, then carrying the paddleboard back to the shop.

I’ve had a few short paddles earlier this week, showing Max from Fat Daddy’s, and Tim from China Dive, how to ride an SUP. Both of them did incredibly well for first timers. It’s a good feeling introducing somebdy to the sport.

Brick Monday tomorrow. I should step it up a bit from last weeks Brick Monday, so will shoot for a 7 km paddle and 7 km run. Then we’ve got a pretty macking swell headed our way for Wednesday through Friday on the east coast. Really looking forward to that, as it could very well be the last swell of the season.